There are buyers out there who need to hear your message.

Let's not keep them waiting.

The Knowmads approach

Here at Knowmads, we use the most customer-driven marketing methods along with our own in-house process designed for just one objective:

Make your messages ironclad, buyer-focused, and action-inspiring.

Depending on the project, we'll walk you through a process that can include:

  • proven positioning methodologies
  • data-driven insights
  • buyer analysis
  • innovative research techniques
  • our own message development framework
  • and insane collaboration.

And on that foundation, we build a library of the most relevant content for your marketing, sales and business objectives.

Open communication

We share our processes with you all along the way. And as the insights are revealed, you’d be amazed at how clear and concrete your actual core message can be - even if it had been buried somewhere in your marketing all along.

All of these processes help our B2B clients cut through hype and distill their products, solutions and services into pure value for the buyer.

The outcome? Clear, compelling content that guides customers to purchase. Wherever they are, however they wish to be reached, whatever they need to know to make a decision.

First, learn what it's like to engage with us.

We think knowing what to expect - with no surprises - is the first step toward making happy customers.
So we made up an imaginary 3-month project, and broke it out into our typical steps. While this example is an illustration based on a funnel-building content program we delivered, it seems like almost every first engagement follows this pattern. Yours will look different, since you'll get your own custom schedule once we've scoped out your specific needs.

Want to work together? Let's talk!

B2B Marketing Covert Ops

If your company still insists on product hype and the constant pitch of technical features, infiltrate your marketing with stealth monthly ideas to make a real connection with buyers and attract more prospects with your message. All that new business? Your old-school management will never see it coming.

We tell no one. Your information is safe with us.