International Sales Enablement

Localized channel tools. Maximized sales.

Enterprise marketers: if you sell your products overseas, translating collateral into other languages isn’t enough.

  • There's more to countries than language

    There are just too many factors that make countries more different than alike.

    Economic environments

    Competitive pressures

    Expectations of products and services

    And most importantly, communication styles that are dramatically different from country to country.

  • No "one-size-fits-all" message

    It’s even harder when you have indirect sales channels or reseller partners who offer multiple product lines.

    Not just yours – and maybe even competing ones too.

    After all, they need to spread their attention across all of their offerings.

    Which ones do you think they’ll sell?

    The ones that make it easiest to communicate value to their customers.

Even in the right language,
sales messages that work in some regions
just won’t work in others.

Local Sales Enablement for Global Businesses.

Knowmads develops sales enablement materials for your international channels.

We use your existing product information as the foundation. We combine that with your team’s product and marketing expertise.

Next, we adapt those into messages and commercial insights that resonate with the target territory. Then we create the sales tools that work best for the regions where you are growing your business.

And we do this by tapping into the expertise of the most credible advisors possible: your competent local sales teams, in the field and in the channel.

Contact us to ask about localizing your international sales enablement tools - not for language, but for market success. And take a look at our guide to sales enablement tools for any stage in the buying (and selling) process.

Need localized sales tools? Let's talk.

B2B Marketing Covert Ops

If your company still loves product hype and the constant pitch of technical features, infiltrate your marketing with stealth monthly ideas to make a connection with buyers and attract more prospects with your message. All that new business? Your old-school management will never see it coming.

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