A customer-aligned, full lifecycle go-to-market messaging framework

Right now, there are three big, dangerous problems running loose around in the B2B wild, costing companies millions and inhibiting business growth:

  1. the inability for Sales to articulate your solution’s value.
  2. the cost of losing customers to double-digit churn.
  3. commoditization of your solution because of lack of differentiation.

The thing is, you can dramatically diminish all three by making just one fundamental change:

Communicating a more valuable message, accurately and consistently, throughout the entire go-to-market lifecycle.

Why? Because you set your buyer and user expectations from moment one, through the information they hear or see (and interpret) in your content.

  • If it’s too fuzzy, or undifferentiated, then you’ve failed to communicate expected value.
  • On the other hand, if you win the purchase but the rest of the experience fails to deliver, then the expectations were wrong — and the customer churns.

Messaging for customer success

In the past decade, the more sophisticated companies we work with have embraced customer success initiatives, even embedding them into the company’s DNA. Many have leveled up their sales conversations as well, in service of customer-centricity.

But even so, there’s been no CX- and sales-aligned go-to-market messaging framework that encompasses the message’s total audience — the prospect, the buying committee, the end user, and the renewer.

Go-to-market messaging should be Go-to-CX messaging.

Some of the best minds in CX teach that the impact of marketing is greatest when it is guided by the customer experience.

Yet we consistently see businesses tossing customer lifecycle marketing and user experience somewhere to the side of the go-to-market messaging pot, after the fact and not a little hastily.

So we cooked up our own system to align them.

The Honest GTM: a customer-aligned go-to-market messaging framework
The Honest™ GTM: a customer-aligned go-to-market messaging framework

The Honest™ GTM

The Honest™ GTM is a recipe for end-to-end messaging that builds on its twelve ingredients to deliver a complete go-to-market messaging framework.

“Twelve ingredients!?” you think. “Can’t messaging be done with a three-part elevator pitch? A four-step selling proposition? Six pillars of value?”

But make no mistake: each of the 12 components is either present, or missing, every time you go to market with a product.

The problem is, if you’re not the one articulating them in your marketing, sales, and customer experience, then someone else is. (And let’s hope it’s not your competitors). Otherwise, customers are left to fill in the blanks.

What’s more, the Honest™ GTM has built-in checkpoints that keep your messaging, well… HONEST:

  • Holistic – consistent across the end-to-end journey
  • Obvious – shows the outcome and a clear, distinct path to get there; not oblique and hand-wavy
  • Necessary – addresses or uncovers a need, pain, risk, or opportunity
  • Empathetic – directly relevant to the customer’s world
  • Singular – clearly differentiated from the alternatives
  • Trustworthy – supported with evidence; resonates with expectations

Use the Honest GTM process to develop a go-to-market messaging strategy for your product launches that’s reinforced consistently, everywhere your buyers — and users — encounter it.

LN’s go-to-market and nurture strategies have allowed us to understand exactly what customers desire in the B2B purchase journey.

W.W., VP Worldwide Customer Success, San Antonio, TX

Levers of differentiation

go-to-market messaging framework

We think of the Honest GTM as a recipe. You need all the ingredients in order to deliver the most airtight, compelling message to your market.

But how much emphasis you place on each ingredient will vary, and will change the flavor accordingly.

Ultimately the deliberate variations you make will result in your differentiation – the factors that set you, and your offering, apart.

We use this approach in all our engagements and cover the ingredients more extensively in our Be the Buyers Blog.