Sales-aligned marketing. Buyer-focused messaging.

Knowmads develops sales-aligned marketing strategies, content and sales enablement tools for companies with direct and reseller channels.

And we work with technology marketers to transform complex solutions into customer-centric content for buyers.

What’s sales-aligned marketing?

To begin with, sales-aligned marketing is not just a “more leads” vs. “qualified leads” truce between Sales Reps and Demand Gen. In fact, leads can be just a fraction of the alignment equation.

Sales-aligned marketing is a coordinated process that uses Sales processes, business goals, account strategies, and buyer conversations as levers to determine which activities and programs Marketing will undertake.

Previously, the major drivers of marketing plans were product launches, events, promotions, and campaign themes.

That all changes with sales-aligned marketing. Now you can weave direct support of account and revenue goals into the creation of nurture sequences, marketing programs, and content throughout the purchasing process.

From sellers to buyers

Above all, at Knowmads we extend sales-aligned marketing two levels further. First, to your resellers and other channels; and secondly, out to the customer.

Additionally our marketing strategies include equipping the field with sales enablement material, tools and communications in order to make your reps and channel partners experts in the customer conversations about the solutions you offer.

We’re not sales trainers. However, we’ve created sales-aligned marketing and enablement materials for companies that use some of the most popular sales methodologies around, including Force Management, ValueSelling Framework®, Corporate Visions, Target Account Selling (TAS) Dealmaker®, and CEB’s Challenger™ Selling.

To your success

Most importantly, at Knowmads, we know what makes B2B companies, launches, marketing departments, sales teams, channels, and most importantly, your customers more successful:

Aligning your marketing with sales—and your message with the buyer.

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The Sales-Aligned Marketer

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