International Sales Enablement

Localized channel tools. Maximized sales.

Enterprise marketers: if you sell your products overseas, translating collateral into other languages isn’t enough.

  • There's more to a country than language alone

    There are so many factors that make countries more different than alike.

    Economic environments

    Competitive pressures

    Culture and tradition

    Expectations of products and services

    Relationships from seller to buyer

    And most importantly, communication styles that differ dramatically from country to country.

  • No "one-size-fits-all" sales tool

    What works in one region may fall flat in another.

    But even more complicating, indirect sales partners may offer multiple product lines.

    Some sell your competitors’ products, too.

    So they spread their attention across them all.

    Each supported by different sales and marketing tools.

    How do you get them to sell yours first?

    By making it easy for them to communicate value to their customers.

Even in the right language,
sales messages that work in some regions
just won’t work in others.

Local Sales Enablement for Global Businesses.

Knowmads develops international sales enablement for worldwide channels.

We use your existing product information as the foundation. We combine that with your team’s product and marketing expertise.

Next, we adapt those into messages and commercial insights that resonate with the target territory. Then we create the sales tools that work best for the regions where you are growing your business.

And we do this by tapping into the expertise of the most credible advisors possible: your competent local sales teams, in the field and in the channel.

Contact us to ask about truly localizing your international sales enablement tools. Not for language, but for regional market success. And fill out the form below to download our guide to sales enablement tools for any stage in the buying (and selling) process.

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