Tools we use to make customer-driven, sales-centric, and retention-focused GTM messaging.

Sales Enablement Starter Kit

Your customers don’t consume the entire go-to-market experience in just one stage on their journey. So you need to equip your sellers to serve it to them in the right increments.

Download the Sales Enablement starter kit for B2B marketers, and get:

  • The Right Content at the Right Time: A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement Tools [Ebook]
  • Sales Tool Timeline for the Complex Sale [Infographic]
  • 3 Most Critical Sales Tools [At-a-glance guide]
  • 3 Quick-win Sales Tools [At-a-glance guide]

Better Customer Conversations

Use any sophisticated interview technique to inform your GTM messaging — the win/loss interviews in Roadmap to Revenue, buyer persona questions that lead to the 5 Rings of Insight, the Jobs to be Done framework, or walking a customer through a case study — but don’t let logistics and “housekeeping” derail your conversation.

How to Capture Customer Interviews for High Impact Messaging and Pure Content Gold, will show you:

  • every step you need to take to ensure your buyer conversations are never lost in the noise
  • why your most valuable tool is your attention
  • basic interview tips for a customer interview that puts the buyer first

5-Point Churn Checkup

The sources of customer churn can hide in unexpected places that have little to do with the product, yet that’s where most organizations often attempt to fix it. 

Instead, focusing your marketing efforts in the right areas can pinpoint the true causes immediately, and combat drop-off over the long term. You just need to know where to look. The 5-point churn checkup will show you:

  • The most common non-product places to look for sources of churn
  • Quick, short-term remedies you can take to avoid reactive (and expensive) changes based on user surveys alone
  • Preventive long-term strategies to prevent excessive churn from derailing future sales

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