Plant deep roots for long-term lifecycle marketing in your go-to-market strategy.

Acquisition and retention shouldn’t be a tug-of-war.

Generally speaking, you tune your sales and marketing messages to attract prospects and turn them into buyers. Likewise, with lifecycle marketing, your GTM message needs to adapt to the situations of specific customers — converting them to advocates, super users, and ultimately, loyal renewers.

We give retention an equal voice in go-to-market messaging.

As a result, the communications your customers encounter all along their journey will keep the brand promise you’ve made in your GTM. After all, it’s how you unify your brand message across touchpoints.

And above all, it’s how you conquer churn.

Engage with us to analyze and churn-proof your GTM with our lifecycle marketing communication and content strategies.

Customer Nurture Sequences

Lifecycle marketing is more than onboarding emails.

Converting buyers to users in the enterprise is complicated: purchases are handled by completely different departments. What’s more, end users might even feel imposed-upon by your technology if they were never involved in the decision.

Help users out — from adoption to onboarding, usage maximization to re-engagement, and self-help to super user. We’ll create a strategy for sustained outreach with email sequences that help you build better familiarity, authority and relationships with users and champions, give advocates the tools to expand adoption in the enterprise, and give you more visibility into your prospects’ needs.

Customer Content Playbook

Customers are giving you hints about the help they need to get the most from your products.

Don’t wait for them to submit a ticket, reach out to their account manager, or worst of all, defect to a competitive solution before you give them what they need. Active, useful communication (and easily findable content) shows users that you’ve thought about their needs in advance .

We’ll deliver the ultimate, done-for-you editorial plan for personalized, high-value content, assets, email messages, and tools. Not only in the knowledge base, but delivered ‘from’ your account managers directly into your customers’ inbox.

Don’t make lifecycle marketing an afterthought. Plant the seeds early in your GTM.