Better content comes from better conversations.

There’s too much value in a customer conversation to risk forgetting an important point or misquoting your subject.

But writers scribble barely legible notes during interviews… or write every word exactly, leaving awkward silences between questions… or worse yet, race to keep up the pace by typing on impossibly noisy keyboards, and miss important cues in the discussion.

Recording it should be a no-brainer, but that presents other pitfalls without the right process in place. Especially if you’re typing on the same computer you’re using to interview. (Cue every online conference call ever.)

So how can you be customer-focused in your marketing content…
if you’re not focused on them during your conversations?

We’ve created a process at Knowmads that we’ve used for our hundreds of case studies, articles, sales presentations and more.

Nailing this process effortlessly means you won’t be distracted by logistics so your attention will be 100% on the discussion.

Download our free guide, How to Capture Customer Interviews for High Impact Messaging and Pure Content Gold, and you’ll learn:

  • every step you need to take to ensure your buyer conversations are never lost in the noise
  • why your most valuable tool is your attention
  • basic interview tips for a customer interview that puts the buyer first

…and much more.

Download our free, practical guide to getting perfect customer interviews that inspire even better marketing content.