No Comparison

Expert Product Marketing Managers know all the reasons not to provide competitive feature comparisons for Sales to share with customers. Here are only five:
  1. They’re vulnerable to line-by-line picking apart
  2. Discrepancies due to version changes or assumptions risk lost confidence from customers & resellers
  3. Being on the receiving end puts us in a defensive position
  4. Keeping up with them makes us chase our tails
  5. Inevitably leaking them hands the competitor a recipe to eliminate differentiation
Aren’t those reasons compelling enough to stop wasting your time and monumental effort on scrambling constantly to keep up with them? No?

Competitive Feature Comparisons, Exposed

Well, we use the below example to show Sales teams why product match-ups are moot exercises, and you need to instead develop sales tools that help reps widen the competitive gap without commoditizing your solutions. Below we have a real-life, actual (but brand-name sanitized) excerpt from a set of competitive feature comparisons written by the “A-column” manufacturer that got into the hands of the “B-column” manufacturer. I mean… these always do make their way to the competitor, don’t they? Yes. They do. Which immediately prompted B’s lead engineer to refute it line-by-line beyond recognition – and direct his team to promptly develop two features that had originally showed a disadvantage, thus negating the difference.   Competitive Feature Comparisons Gone Wrong   Lesson learned, right? Nah. The very same Sales people to whom we demonstrated this exercise in futility still asked for this useless document. Mostly because they reveled in humiliating the competitor who created it. And that’s a good lesson, too:
The creators of competitive feature comparisons will always be the ones humiliated by them.