B2B marketers: is your enterprise software churning out customers at excessively high rates — and adding new features isn’t helping?

Retention rates have been plummeting. Annual renewals are taking a nosedive. Customer support teams are hand-holding helpless users. Now, management is eyeing divestments across the portfolio, and your enterprise SaaS is wearing a target on its back.

It’s easy to blame the product when people stop using it. But before your product managers accelerate the roadmap, your developers throw in a bunch of new features to make a last-minute save, or your sales reps offer deep discounts and make it up in volume — take a closer look.

The hidden sources of churn

The sources of customer churn can hide in unexpected places that have little to do with the product, yet that’s where most organizations often attempt to fix it. 

Instead, focusing your marketing efforts in the right areas can pinpoint the true causes immediately, and combat drop-off over the long term.

You just need to know where to look.

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