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Sales Enablement

Conversions vs Conversations

The basic difference between demand generation and sales enablement - our working definitions. The company I'm working with to develop Sales Enablement tools wanted to equip its traditional channel partners with an effective library of sales content, rather than supply the usual field marketing and content materials and slap the "sales enablement" label on them. […]

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Audience Persona

5 Ways to Help a Reviewer Out

Remember Your Reviewers Tech journalists, trade publications and industry bloggers are vitally important channels for B2B product marketing messages. One of these influencers can ignite adoption of a new release with a rave review — while another can implode it with a negative one. A top-notch reviewer’s guide can be a real difference-maker when you […]

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Be The Buyer’s Book List

The club Oprah would run, if she were a B2B marketer A while back at a social gathering, a fellow partygoer asked me an innocent question. “What’s on your Kindle these days?” What a happy question for an insatiable reader! Not to mention one who travels a lot and always takes the precious time after […]

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Sales Enablement

5 Pitfalls of Competitive Feature Comparisons

No Comparison Expert Product Marketing Managers know all the reasons not to provide competitive feature comparisons for Sales to share with customers. Here are only five: They’re vulnerable to line-by-line picking apart Discrepancies due to version changes or assumptions risk lost confidence from customers & resellers Being on the receiving end puts us in a […]

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Market Human

Or is that "Market, Human!" A lot of marketing experts are finally coming around to the beating heart of product marketing: remember that a business title doesn't buy your product; a person does. We've held that belief as our basis for B2B marketing writing for a long time, but we didn't make it up. People […]

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Pain Point Marketing

We’re all doing coffee wrong. And everything else.

Sending messages wrong can dilute your credibility Show of hands: who’s received an email, tweet, article, or link declaring that you’re doing SEO wrong? Or Twitter? Or job searches, push-ups, double spaces, Agile, coffee orders, skin care …? Because, to borrow from the Huffington Post, “You’re doing everything wrong, according to the Internet.”

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