B2B marketers who know buyers.

Customer-driven Positioning and Messaging for B2B

Even the most product-driven companies can transform into customer-focused brands - and that's where we help.

Think about it. Today, dedication to customers is what separates top-performing brands from average companies – and struggling ones.

And since the first place prospects encounter you is in your marketing, seems like your marketing messages should be focused on your buyers.

Seems obvious, right?

Yet in the overwhelming majority of content we come across every day, the opposite is true: The product is the star. And the company? Well, it’s practically revered as a household name - internally, anyway.

Because that's where message development originates - inside the company. By people who are knowledgeable and passionate about their technology.

But business buyers are passionate about other things. Saving money, solving problems, hitting their goals... even their own technology.

So we flip the script.

Conversations for the Buyer Journey

We've created a customer conversation approach to help you develop hype-free messaging and engaging content that’s focused on the you-know-who. (hint: they buy from you.)

Through a series of discussions with your sales team, customers, prospects, and others in your target market, we employ deeply tuned-in conversational strategies that revolve around teasing out the patterns of stated and unstated issues faced by your buyers - then crafting the foundational messaging and editorial content that address them.

You get clear, informative communication that cuts through the noise, differentiates your brand and guides more customers to purchase.

Your buyers get valuable purchase guidance and decision-making content that directly addresses their needs - as though you developed your products with them in mind.

And we get clients that choose to keep working with us again and again, growing their business project after project.

Making you successful

As former journalists in the business news industry, product marketing executives (the most customer-facing role in marketing) in the media industry, and award winners in both copywriting and content, we've taken our business-building customer focus to dozens of companies - through hundreds of valuable, insightful customer conversations.

Why? Because we all know what makes B2B companies, launches, marketing departments, sales teams, channels, and most importantly, your customers more successful:

Focusing your message – and your company – on the buyer.

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B2B Marketing Covert Ops

If your company still loves product hype and the constant pitch of technical features, infiltrate your marketing with stealth monthly ideas to make a connection with buyers and attract more prospects with your message. All that new business? Your old-school management will never see it coming.

We tell no one. Your information is safe with us.