I’m LN Grogan, and I’m a B2B content writer for high-value, complex technology.

I started Knowmads to teach and evangelize the new and deeper set of strategic writing skills that B2B writers need today to be more effective and set themselves apart. Skills that go beyond craft and touch on strategy instead — skills like value communication, buyer conversations, and even empathy for the Sales users of our content.

As a go-to-market content strategist since 2001, I’ve developed and led the successful market launch messaging and content for more than 100 product introductions, version releases, sales initiatives and re-launch campaigns.

These range from SaaS, professional services, and hardware, to embedded, cloud, application, and system software — whether inside 24/7/365 mission-critical operations at facilities around the world, or embedded in half a billion smartphones — possibly the one in your pocket.

Today I help writers and marketers at large high-tech enterprises, typically with complex solutions, long sales cycles, and global channels, to achieve higher initial and sustained sales results from their GTMs with strategic B2B writing. (Learn more about me and connect with me (LN Grogan on LinkedIn) if you work with those kinds of companies too.)

I started as a freelance business journalist and marketing writer in the early days of the Web, when the disruption of online access to information to the traditional buyer journey was immediate. It led me to a career in developing content for technology product marketing, and ultimately more than 100 go-to-market launches. My clientele has been a mix of startups and unicorns, private and publicly traded corporations, and Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies that serve enterprise customers.

Home is New England, USA, the only place you can get real clam chowder. Knowmads is based in historic Newburyport, MA, birthplace of the Coast Guard and of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, and no slouch in the chowdah game, either.