Sales-aligned marketing. Buyer-focused messaging.

Knowmads develops sales-aligned marketing and sales enablement strategies for companies selling complex technology solutions through direct and reseller channels.

Previously, the major drivers of marketing plans were product launches, events, promotions, and campaigns.

Focused on leads. Disconnected from Sales. Oblivious to buyers.

This all changes with sales-aligned marketing.

What’s sales-aligned marketing?

Sales-aligned marketing is the coordinated practice we've developed that uses Sales processes, business goals, account strategies, and buyer conversations as levers to determine which activities and programs to undertake.

This includes equipping both your marketing funnel and the field with the messages, tools, content and communications that position your company, your reps and your channel partners as experts in the solutions your customers are seeking.

We’re not sales trainers. However, we’ve created sales-aligned marketing and enablement materials for companies that use some of the most popular sales methodologies around, including Force Management, ValueSelling Framework®, Corporate Visions, Target Account Selling (TAS) Dealmaker®, and CEB’s Challenger™ Selling.

Who is Knowmads?

Based in New England - on the North Shore of Boston - Knowmads is an international marketing, messaging and sales enablement content consultancy founded by L.N. Grogan (that's me). I'm a product marketing and messaging pro for large high-tech enterprises with complex solutions, long sales cycles, and global channels. Learn more about me and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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