Remember Your Reviewers

Tech journalists, trade publications and industry bloggers are vitally important channels for B2B product marketing messages. One of these influencers can ignite adoption of a new release with a rave review — while another can implode it with a negative one. A top-notch reviewer’s guide can be a real difference-maker when you do five these things right:
  1. Outline the product’s ideal users, so reviewer can adopt the right audience mindset
  2. Set expectations about what’s in the box (and what’s not)
  3. Save the reviewer time – illustrates new capabilities vividly without confusion
  4. Don’t assume prior expertise or even knowledge
  5. Guide reviewer to key operations; don’t make them wade through miles of laborious instruction
I always refer marketing colleagues to Corel’s Painter reviewers’ guides – and this year’s version is no exception. Click here to download it and learn from it to serve some of your most influential buyer personas — the press.