Buyer-focused messaging and positioning.
The first step to winning new business.

  • Attract New Prospects

    Craft a compelling key message platform that positions and differentiates your business clearly and relevantly – and most of all, appeals to your ideal buyers

  • Expand Authority

    Create go-to-market content strategies for product launches, nurture campaigns, communications, ABM and sales tools, while staying especially relevant to buyers

  • Gain Exposure

    Reveal insights and knowledge that stake a leadership position – and as a result, get tapped for coverage by press, trades, and other influencers

  • Align with Sales

    Develop enablement initiatives that help your sales team – and also your channel – target buyers, differentiate your offering, and engage in winning conversations

Your launches are lacking.
The sales team is DIY-ing.
And your industry press is yawning.

It’s not you. It’s your messaging.

You're not alone.

It's hard to translate technology features or complex solutions into clear and effective sales and marketing messages.

(Especially if your offerings are frequently changing, with new product launches and constant feature introductions.)

Knowmads helps your B2B enterprise improve the effectiveness of your content, sales tools, and go-to-market launches with powerful, customer-centric messaging.

The result?

Content, campaigns and sales tools that help your prospects solve problems.

More informed channel partners who can have sales conversations that turn tire-kickers into buyers.

Not to mention trade journalists who can educate your entire industry with your valuable, relevant expertise.

And ultimately, buyers who are more confident purchasing from experts - like you.

Everybody wins. (Most of all, your business.)

Here's how we help.

Knowmads works with technology companies (and technical communicators) to transform complex solutions into compelling, customer-centric content for buyers.

B2B Marketing Covert Ops

If your company still insists on product hype and the constant pitch of technical features, infiltrate it with stealth monthly ideas to make a real connection with buyers and attract more prospects with your message. All that new business? Your old-school management will never see it coming.

We tell no one. Your information is safe with us.

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Very powerful blog – really strong presentation of all the technical pieces – but does not get bogged down in techno-babble. Really drives home the “democratization of technology” angle.

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