b2b sales enablement

Marketing strategies, content and sales tools
to equip your reps and resellers
better than your competitors equip theirs.

  • Beat the 85%

    Buying executives have spoken: only 15% of sales conversations communicate value. Develop B2B sales enablement tools that help reps and resellers target buyers, communicate your value, engage in winning conversations – and gain the advantage over the 85% of companies that don’t

  • Nurture Key Prospects

    Got ABM? We can help. Transform key account sales into next-level relationships with custom account-based marketing strategies, targeted campaigns, sales conversation workflows and content

  • Expand the Pipeline

    Your buyers tell you how they purchase. We help you uncover their secrets. Create go-to-market content strategies for product launches, nurture campaigns, communications, ABM and sales tools, while staying especially relevant to buyers

  • Grow Globally

    Google Translate is not the answer. Give international reseller reps and channel partners in diverse geographies sales tools specific to their regions to ignite buyer interest and expand your market

Your launches are lacking.
The sales team is DIY-ing.
And your reseller channels are all over the place.

Get results with better B2B sales enablement content.

Juggling multiple audiences

It's hard for marketers to create effective content and sales tools that work for everyone - outside sales, inside sales, VARs, retail channels, other countries, and of course, prospects.

Especially if your product involves complex technology, your offerings update frequently, you have multiple launches in a year, or you sell into multiple international regions.

Knowmads works with your B2B enterprise to deliver more effective marketing content, B2B sales enablement materials, and reseller sales tools that work for your business anywhere in the world.

Marketing for sales success

B2B sales enablement, marketing content, tools and strategies that help you solve your prospects' problems.

More informed channel partners who can have sales conversations that turn tire-kickers into buyers.

Trade journalists who can educate your entire industry with your valuable, relevant thought leadership.

And ultimately, buyers in all territories who are more confident purchasing from your local experts.

Sales-aligned marketing. Buyer-aligned materials.

Here's how we help.

Knowmads works with technology marketers (and technical communicators) to streamline complex solutions into sales-aligned content for marketing,
and B2B sales enablement tools for direct and channel teams.

The Sales-Aligned Marketer

No more same-old, unused sales tools. No more order-taking for the marketing materials you create. For B2B sales enablement content that drives alignment and revenue, not bad habits and blame, subscribe to the Sales-Aligned Marketer.
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