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Sometimes in B2B marketing content it’s not clear who the intended audience is… usually because the marketing staff was told “this product is for anyone!” Or maybe “the product is so cool, people who want it will just find it!”

The result is marketing that’s focused on the product or service, leading potential purchasers to lose interest because they don’t see themselves in your solution.

Hiring a marketing content and writing partner who doesn’t know (or seek to know) your buyer, business, goals and products is no better than guessing. Then typing.

We know your buyers.

Here at Knowmads, we use the most customer-driven marketing methods along with our own in-house process designed to make your messages iron-clad, buyer-focused, and action-inspiring.

We use proven methodologies, data-driven insights, buyer analysis, listening, our in-house message development technique, and insane collaboration. All of these help our B2B clients cut through hype, and distill your products, solutions and services into pure value for the buyer.

The outcome? Clear, compelling communication that guides customers to purchase. Wherever they are, however they wish to be reached, whatever they need to know to make a decision.

I’m Ellie Gee and I’m devoted to the craft of buyer-centric marketing, because it makes B2B companies, launches, marketing, content, and most importantly, your customers more successful.

Here’s what you’ll get when you engage Knowmads’ services.

  • Background in the (legitimate) media industry – growing loyal audiences through authentic communication is in my DNA.
  • Business communicators with strategic marketing acumen – not marketplace job bidders with a thesaurus.
  • We bring it – your project gets our full attention, journalistic discovery, devotion, craft and insight.
  • A team that goes to the ends of the earth for buyer conversations – customers speak more freely with an objective third party.
  • Project rates – you become our preoccupation and our passion, not a slot on the calendar.
  • New things and tried and true things – your pipeline stays full and fresh.
  • Milestones and communication to keep you looped into the process – you always know the status.
  • Expert messages that move prospects to act – you gain help with sales (not just words on a page).

And we love exploring ideas about buyer-centric marketing with anyone who wants to share!


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