You'd have more success with a target market of one
than trying to target "everyone."
Here's a bright idea:
Don't be dim.
Customers want your volumes of expertise.
Bloggers and journalists can help you deliver.
Tell your buyers' story first.
(and make yours last.)

Increase Credibility

Messaging that positions your business as a trusted source for valuable solutions

Expand Influence

Go-to-market strategies and content that claim a greater voice in industry conversations

Gain Exposure

Insights and knowledge that get tapped for coverage by press and other influencers

Attract Customers

Growing new business by targeting buyers, differentiating your offering, and enabling sales

More authority. Less hype.

I’m a business-driven, buyer-focused marketing leader who started my career in broadcast and journalism. That’s where I learned the power of identifying appropriate audiences, communicating to them in ways that correspond with their needs and pains, and publishing relevant information they can use — becoming the source they turn to as a voice of authority and a trusted partner in solving their problems.

Businesses that struggle with checklists of features, product-centric sales pitches, and jargon-filled marketing are realizing they need to invert the focus to claim a stronger voice in the marketplace. I help B2B businesses stand out by identifying what customers need, and creating the most powerful solutions, messages, content, and media to tell a credible story, demonstrate authority, and lead customers to a meaningful next step toward purchase.


Strategic Marketer Made for B2B


Conduct discovery to define target segments and competition, using primary and secondary research, institutional knowledge, and acute customer listening


Pinpoint the challenges that only your solution can address— and zero in on knowing the buyers who face them


Dig into data storytelling and topic explorations that help audiences (and influencers) learn something truly new


Build a strong foundation internally for an airtight Go-To-Market platform – and the powerful, resonating editorial themes that inspire great materials


Author high-value content that engages audiences, elevates credibility, differentiates the solution, and gets found by people looking for it


Communicate with the right tools to buyers, stakeholders, sales, channels, partners—however the audience learns, seeks, and interacts—analyze, measure and improve



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