Slow news day? We can help.
Let us fill your authority pipeline with relevant, targeted, expert content.
A) Be different. B) Be useful. C) Be easy to find.
Position your business as the experts, with content that people seek out.
What do customers want (and your competitors wish they had)?
Your volumes of subject matter expertise.
What’s your Authority Story?
We help you tell it right, so buyers (and press) will find, learn, trust, share and call on you.

Increase Credibility

Be viewed as a trusted source of knowledge and insight

Expand Influence

Claim a greater voice in industry conversations

Gain Exposure

Get tapped for interviews by press and other influencers

Attract Customers

Grow new business with the spotlight shining on your expertise

More authority. Less hype.

At Knowmads, we’re insight-driven, buyer-focused marketers who all started our careers in journalism. That’s where we learned the power of publishing relevant information that audiences can use — the source they turn to as a trusted voice of authority.

Businesses that struggle with checklists of features, product-centric sales pitches, and jargon-filled marketing now turn to us to help them claim a stronger voice in the marketplace. We can help you stand out too, by creating the most powerful messages, content, and media to tell a credible story, demonstrate your authority, and lead customers to a meaningful next step toward purchase.


Your house brand publishing studio, at your service.


We conduct discovery like your own brand journalist to uncover the story that will set you apart.


We pinpoint the challenges that only you can solve — and zero in on the buyers who face them.


We dig into data storytelling and topic explorations that help audiences learn something new.


We build a strong, custom editorial foundation for the platform of your expertise.


We author high-value content that engages your audience and elevates your credibility.


Text? Video? Audio? Live event? Launch wherever and however your audience learns, seeks, and interacts.